Championship Class Definitions

Note: If you ferret has been neutered/spayed and has an Des implant, he/she still goes in alter or companion.

Pet Store/Early Alter

16 weeks to 6.5 years

Late Alter
​altered after 12 weeks old
1 year to 6.5 years old

Kit from 16 weeks to 1 year
(can be breeder or late alter if altered after 12 weeks)

Whole ferrets
Also whole ferrets that have been Chemically Altered
​1 year to 6.5 years old

Specialty Class

Follow the cleaning and potty break same as with Championship. You can take your ferret up and hand them to the judge when they call their number or use a carrier.

​If taking up without a carrier, when they call the specialty, take your ferret and numbered tag up with you. When your number is called, hand your ferret BUTT FIRST to the judge. Then sit down and watch the judging.  The judge will call your number when he/she is done and you can pick them up.  

The steward should then hand you a score card at that time. After all the ferrets are judged in that specialty, the MC will call participants back up and rosettes and a plaque will be presented.

We will also have a photographer there to take candid pictures of 1st place ferrets (championship and specialty).

Black ​Mitt/Black Roan Mitt
Black Solid/Standard
Dark-eyed white
Physically Challenged
Super Senior

Championship Class

Bring your ferret, cage and carry case along with his/her paperwork with you. There is a vet check and after you have your ferret vet checked, you will pick up your show packet information.

​Find a place on the exhibitors table and set-up. Your carrier can go on the floor under the table and cage on top the table. The show book has the schedule and all ferrets entered in the show listed by championship and specialty. In the packet will be some tags with your ferret’s show # on it. I use a shower hook and tie the tag to it. That way I can hook it to their cage until time to take up in the carrier and then hook it on to the carrier. 

When your Class gets called (Adolescent, Alters, Breeder, Companions): Wake your ferret up and let them go to the restroom. Each entrant will be judged by each of the licensed judges(3). At that time you will want to clean their ears again. Use water for their ears as it does not irritate.  I then spray them with a conditioner like FerretSheen. Fluff up with a towel and brush them. Make sure feet and ears are clean. ​I also spray a cloth with the Ferretsheen and wipe around the ears, feet and bottom. 

​Attach the one of the numbered tags that identifies the ferret to be judged to a carrier.  

​When your number gets called (The MC will announce in groups of 10) place your ferret in a carrier and go to the judging area. 

​Place your carrier on the drop off table. A judging assistant will place your carrier in a staging area.

At that time you can take a seat and watch them be judged. Please don’t stand up close to the judges as they are judging. Don’t point out that the ferret they are judging is yours. The reasoning behind the carrier system is impartial, anonymous judging. 

​Once all judges have seen your ferret it will be returned to the carrier and the carrier will be moved to a pick up area. There should be 3 colored  score tickets on your carriers with comments along with your score.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the judge(s) at the END of the judging. 

​Every ferret gets judged by 3 different judges. You have the possibility of getting 3 rosette ribbons and a trophy from anyone or a combination of judges.
All ferrets in the show hall MUST have a proof of a current Rabies (dated no later than 8/10/24 if first rabies vac), current distemper vaccination and an ADV negative result from Blue Cross Animal Hospital - Dr. Blau. Dated no earlier than 8/27/2022.

Trim nails:
 By trimming their nails 3 days before the show, their nails are not as sharp and less likely to scratch the judges arms. Trim about 1/8 inch from the quick and make sure to do all 4 paws.

Clean Teeth: Brush teeth with a soft toothbrush and cat toothpaste. This will soften the tarter and make it easier to scrape if scraping is necessary. A little tarter is acceptable but if your ferret’s teeth need scraping, see either Kay or I to help you with cleaning their teeth.

Clean ears: Clean ears of any debris. You will be doing this again so the main concern is if there is considerable debris and staining around ears.

Give your ferret a bath: Bluing shampoo is good for light colored ferrets to help take some of the yellowing out of their coat. Use a cream rinse if needed. Clean ears again.  

You will need to set-up a carry case with a litter box and litter in it for judging. You will need to bolt the litter box down. I suggest you drill a hole through the outside of the carrier and through the litter box and then use a bolt and wing nut to bolt it down. Put a sleep sack or piece of material for bedding – do not put a hammock in it for the judging. Some people put a water bottle on the carrier. If you do, make sure there is a drip cup below the bottle so the carrier does not get wet.


Remember all FERRETS are SHOW ferrets!

Ohio's Premier Championship Ferret Show


Open to all ferrets that are between 16 weeks to 6 ½ years of age. 

ALL ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN SUNDAY, July 28, 2024. Registration will close down and any minor changes will be made at the show.  As specialty ribbons have to be ordered ahead of time..only if we have enough specialty ribbons can ferrets be added to a specialty the day of the show.
Only ferrets listed in the show catalog will be judged. Please see summary page on registration for entry fees. ​



We ARE an American Ferret Association Sanctioned Event.


AFA requires ADV testing for us to be sanctioned.  All ADV test results must be from Blue Cross, Dr. Blau.

After each class is complete an announcement will be made

and the ribbons will be awarded.


Please be considerate of your ferret.  If he/she is not in good health, please don’t bring them to the show.

​Shows are very stressful and you want them to be able to handle the stress.

​Be especially cognizant that even though the age limit has been raised to 6 ½, please don’t bring your seniors unless they are in really good health.