Ohio's Premier Championship Ferret Show



Those in RED are open.

At this time we are looking for sponsors for two of our Championship Classes and many of our specialty rings in addition to our Fun Events and Photo Contest. 

See sponsorship sheet for details.  

Specialty Ring Sponsors:.

Angora - The Angora Enthusiast Group
Champagne - PVO Ferrets
PC - Ferret Farm Hospice and Rehab

Albino - Boleman Publishing, Inc.

Black Mitt - Middle Earth Ferretry

Black Roan Mitt - Middle Earth Ferretry

Chocolate - Middle Earth Ferretry

Black Sable Solid - Hensley Weezils in Memory of Pikku

Black Sable Standard - Kritter Koncepts

Dark-eyed White - Brass Ring Photography

Invitational - OPEN

Panda & Blaze - Ravensnest Ferrets

Mitt - In Memory of SHD's McGuigan & SHD's Sid

Mutt - The Ferret Nook

Passport Jill - OPEN

Passport Hob - Dawn Schell

Point - FPWC's Mondo Weasel of WLF

Roan - Dowling's Masquerade Ferretry

Sable Jill - OPEN

Sable Hob - Little Saints and Demons Ferretry

Senior Companions - In Memory of Oz the Great and   Powerful and The No Quarter Posse

Senior Breeder/Alter - Noah's Ark Ferretry 

Shelter BIS - Jeremy's Boggle Ferret Bungalow 

Shelter BO - Jeremy's Boggle Ferret Bungalow

Breeder's Classic - OPEN - Needs 3 entries to hold

2018 Title Sponsor:.

​​​Scott Carter, Circle C Farm
Chataignier, LA

Championship Class Sponsors:

Breeder - FerretBreeder’s Network
Adolescent - HOFA Breeder's Circle
Alter - OPEN
Companion - OPEN