Angora - Middle Earth Ferretry
Champagne - PVO Ferrets
PC - "In Loving Memory of Tater", Jessie Molan

Albino - Boleman Publishing, Inc.

Black Mitt - The Clay Ferret

Black Roan Mitt - Middle Earth Ferretry

Chocolate - Four Paws Wrecking Crew

Black Sable Solid - Billy Rodriquez

Black Sable Standard - The Clay Ferret

Dark-eyed White - Brass Ring Photography

Invitational - Dooks Collins

Panda & Blaze - Ravensnest Ferrets

Mitt - Dawn & Mike Schell 

Mutt - My Name is Musky

Passport Hob - Ted E. Bear Express Trucking

Passport Jill - Sue Wilson

Point - FPWC's Mondo Weasel of WLF

Roan - The Comfy Ferret

Sable Jill - Ferret Fiesta of Wisconsin

Sable Hob - Little Saints and Demons Ferretry

Senior Companions - The No Quarter Posse

Senior Breeder/Alter - Noah's Ark Ferretry 

Shelter BIS - Jeremy's Boggle Ferret Bungalow 

Shelter BO - Jeremy's Boggle Ferret Bungalow

Breeder's Classic - Needs 3 entries

2021 Title Sponsor:Higgins Premium Foods

Breeder - Blue Heron Publishing
Adolescent - NEOVAC FD
Alter -
Care Pet Clinic, Dr. Dan Beer
Companion - inTune Premium Ferret Food


OUR 2021 SPONSORS.....

A heartfelt THANK YOU to our sponsors...we can't do this show without you!

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Best Dressed - Pending

Paperbag Escape - Dawn Larson

Twiggy - The Clay Ferret

Elvis - Pending

Tube Racing - Malissa Dillion


Ferret Farm Hospice and Rehab

Ferret Formula


Ohio's Premier Championship Ferret Show

Higgins inTune Premium Ferret Food